First Aid Kitsfirstaid

Nobody ever thinks about first aid kits until they need one. However, when an injury does occur and there isn’t a first aid kit, it can not only be frustrating, it can also be harmful to your health. First aid kits are essential for your home, your car, and also for when you’re traveling or camping. Having access to a first aid kit will provide proper medical care for minor injuries, reduce unnecessary suffering and help fight off infection.

Essential First Aid Kit Items

Brennan’s Pharmacy provides custom First Aid Kits . Here is a short list of essential first aid kit items. They include:

  • Latex, or other sterile gloves (if you are allergic to Latex).
  • Sterile dressings to stop bleeding.
  • Antiseptic wipes.
  • Burn ointment to prevent infection.
  • Adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes.
  • Eye wash solution to flush the eyes or as general decontaminant.
  • You should periodically rotate medicines to account for expiration dates.
  • Scissors
  • Support Bandages

The above list is a good start for a home-made first aid kit, but it only contains the bare essentials. We stock first aid kits that have been professionally assembled and packaged in a portable case. Buying professionally packaged first aid kits are not only cheaper, they also have many more items for handling a multitude of injuries.